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: Seed, : 2005-12-09 20:46.
Toby Morrell - Vocals
Matt Carter - Guitar
Josh Head - Keyboards
Chopper - Bass
Dave Powell - Drums
Devin Shelton - Guitar, Background Vocals


In 2004, South Carolina natives, Emery did something amazing: They went from near obscurity to undeniable success and popularity, all in a years time. What spurred their sudden fame was a combination of January 2004s release of their critically acclaimed debut, The Weaks End, and a non-stop tour schedule, including stints with everyone from Hawthorne Heights to Eighteen Visions. Now having sold over 55,000 copies of their debut release, Emery are gearing up for their new release The Question which is more focused, profoundly mature, and so undeniably passionate that no one will be questioning Emerys potential.