»Альт-рок группы - Boiler Room

Автор: Seed, Отправлено: 2005-12-09 20:54.
Rob Caggiano-Guitar
Chris Lino-Vocals
James Meselsohn-Bass
Mike Meselsohn-Drums



New Yorkers with solid songs, moving melodies and fierce grooves, Boiler Room are not afraid of making bold statements. Their Roadrunner Records debut, Can?t Breathe, is a collection of them - 11 heart-stopping tracks, each their own testament to the resurrection of the New York rock scene by these hard-fought heroes. For the four members of Boiler Room, it?s all about the rush and the burn. It?s all about plugging in and delivering.

From the chords-grinding start-up of ?Do It Again? to the stutter-crunch of ?Patience?, the pounding sweep of ?Insomnia? straight to the low-end riffy rumble of ?No Reason?, Boiler Room doesn?t let a moment go by without grabbing the listener ?round the ears and yanking ?em in head-first. Produced by Kid Rock knobsman John Travis and mixed by Phil Nicolo, known for his work with LOA and Cypress Hill, Can?t Breathe is, song for song, the great New York hard rock record for generation next.

Boiler Room has not gone unnoticed. Since forming in 1996, the foursome has been a buzzword on the local club circuit, gigging with sundry heavyweights including Type O Negative, King?s X, LOA, Clutch and Static X. They also caught the attention of local radio, winning fans at New York uberstation WXRK (KROCK). ?A big highlight for us was playing a KROCK sponsored show with Orgy,? drummer Mike Meselsohn recalls. ?Incredible energy in the room. We were on first and it was a packed house. We were probably the only unsigned band to ever get played as much as we have on that station! The next day, people were calling in and requesting us!? Following that outstanding early ?99 live showing the point was clear: Boiler Room had arrived.

Whether it be from the support of local radio, hard rock press or fans, the pressure to make them proud ?makes us go out there and do this 150 percent,? states Mike. The laid-back frontman Chris Lino is quick to counter. ?At the same time, you?ve got to let go and enjoy yourself.? Clearly, Boiler Room is complete because of its four distinct personalities feeding off each other. ?There?s definitely a balance that makes it all click,? says Chris. The band brought that focus and feeling to the production of the album with producer Travis. ?Our demos were high quality,? states bassist James Meselsohn. ?They were getting played on the radio and you?d never know they were demos. We definitely went above and beyond them with Can?t Breathe. The album is a lot more energetic and organic. It feels like you?re right there with the band exploding in your face!?

The band members credit the influence of New York City itself: sights and sounds. ?It all filters in,? says Chris. As for musical influence, Chris adds ?We don?t just get our influences from other current rock bands. I listen to everything from 60's Rock to today?s R&B and get more out of that than from, for instance, listening to a Deftones record.? Chris? lyrical perspective is as straightforward as it comes: ?Don?t hold back your feelings. You feel a certain way about something, write it down?talk about it?sing about it?scream about it!?

Boiler Room have already set themselves apart from the pack in their hometown. Still, the picture and perspective is a lot bigger. ?It seemed for a long time like there was such a strong West Coast clique and there was nothing going on in New York,? says Rob Caggiano, guitarist. ?They were totally running things out there. It was totally wide open for a band to come in and break out.?

Boiler Room are that band. Can?t Breathe is that record. Eleven super-charged songs that don?t give up or give in.