»- - Madina Lake
»featuring ex-members of Blank Theory

: Seed, : 2005-12-18 12:34.
Nathan Leone: Vocals
Matthew Leone: Bass, Backing Vocals
Mateo Camargo: Guitar, Programming
Daniel Torelli: Drums


Local socialite Adalia, was reported missing at the early hours of Sunday morning.

She was last seen Saturday evening at the annual Arlene Ball.
Friends and family say that her behavior leading to her disappearance was "bizarre and unusual."

"It was almost like she knew something that she wasnt supposed to know, and it was only a matter of time before that knowledge would get her in trouble."
In her public life, Adalia was best known for her unrelenting beauty and inimitable charm,

But in her private life, she was a much different character. A search of Adalias attic apartment revealed a host of secret letters she had written and received from an unknown source.

The contents of the correspondences are unknown, as they seem to be written in code and using a variety of aliases. The clues may unveil a fascinating bombshell, although, the challenge for investigators is to decipher the text, that was presumably used to conceal the identities of those with whom she corresponded.