»Альт-рок группы - Nullset

Автор: Seed, Отправлено: 2005-12-26 10:19.
Ken Smith-vocals
Jim Foster-guitar/vox
Chris Fitzgerald-guitar
Jim Shippey-bass
Mick Palmesano-drums

Status:Disbanded(New Name:White)

It's been a hotbed in the past few years around Massachusetts for signing a mist of bands like Staind, Reveille, Godsmack and newcomers NULLSET. The band has signed with Grand Royal Records who also gave you At The Drive In. The band's self titled debut disc just came out a few weeks ago but if you think it's been an easy road for these guys, you're dead wrong! Let's take a walk down memory lane.

Starting out three and a half years ago in the beantown "burbs" is where NULLSET aka Gansta Bitch Barbie began their career. Like all new bands, the guys recorded an early self-released EP in 1998 entitled THIS IS NOT A TEST. As this EP made it' s way into the public's ears, the band soon started attracting major Internet attention on sites like Boston.com or Iuma. With all the great attention came the downside, Mattel, the home of the Barbie doll came strolling onto the scene about the band's name, so the band members decided to change the name instead of going to court etc., etc. After throwing name after name around, lead vocalist Ken Smith came up with NULLSET and it stuck. Through that whole drama something else big was happening, the band was talking with a A&R guy from Grand Royal Records. For any band this is what you strive for and NULLSET was no different. In a year of when they started the boys had a contract in their hands and was sealing the deal! From there the Boston boys went into the studio with P.O.D. producer Howard Benson, and the results were over the top and the guys created some raw, live as you can get material. The band should be ecstatic about this, they had a record they thought was brilliant, a record deal, they were going to be rock stars, easy street......but hold the phone, this was two years ago and now in 2001 the disc just came out. As I write this no one knows the real reason why it took so long to be released and the band got very frustrated for a long time, even wondering what was going to happen to them. (So to any band that thinks it's the high life after you get the big ol' signage, spend a few hours chatting with these boys). NULLSET didn't give up though and just forged forward playing locally and selling their other EP SMOKEWOOD.

Now let's fast forward to July 17th, 2001. This was the big day the self-titled debut hit the stores and the masses after eagerly waiting made the first week of sales a huge hit for these Bostonians. With their sound running the line between rap-core and elements of heavy metal, the album should appeal to a broad spectrum of music lovers. Throughout the disc the band is blunt and honest about their opinions on the music scene as you see in EL NATURALE and H BONE. They create heavy mayhem in tunes like SIX POINT FIVE and SYSTEM and shows you the lyrically, straight up rap styling in SMOKEWOOD. The band creates more of an atmospheric place for the listener in the tracks not just grabbing an emcee and jamming out like a lot of the rap-core bands out there are doing, trying to make a quick buck.

Chris sums up "At the end of the day, it's all about getting out there and playing our asses off" and that is exactly what the boys did. Major record release parties were held throughout the Massachusetts area, choosing close friends in bands to open up, the shows went smoothly and each night were packed to the rafters. The guys are not down either jumping on the Warped Tour for one day (August 9th) in Boston, Ma. and also doing the annual festival Locobazooka on September 16th in Worcester, Ma. (www.locobazooka.com) for starters. Once Ozzfest ends and bands start splitting into smaller club tours, NULLSET is for sure secured to be placed in a nice line up or maybe even jumping on the Family Values Tour. But, whatever comes their way, I think the band will agree that anything will be cool instead of just waiting around. NULLSET is a band that is concerned with staying true to oneself and making music that is honest and from the heart. If the guys keep that attitude, looks to me they could have a very fulfilling career.