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Bleed The Sky

Kyle Moorman - Guitar
Noah Robinson - Vocals
Wayne Miller - Guitar
Puck - Samples, Sequencing
Austin D'Amond - Drums
Casey Kulek - Bass

Site: bleedthesky.com

Metal is evolving as we speak. Hailing from the musical breeding grounds of Orange County, CA, Bleed the Sky are six guys with one common goal: to create a new respect for metal through lyrical depth, tangibility, and musicianship that has integrity. Formed in 2003, Bleed the Sky have already been cited in Spin Magazine as one of the 50 up-and-coming bands across the country, and have earned a reputation as a band who will make their own mark in the industry through hard work and a dedication to create a new connotation for metal.
February 3, 2003 would mark the beginning of a very prolific journey. As the opening act for the acclaimed Opeth, they achieved a positive response to their torrent of metal riffs and distinctive melody. At the end of the month, they would be recording their first demo, and, by March 23 rd , were headlining at the legendary Whisky A-Go-Go in Hollywood, CA. That same month, "track 2" on the first aforementioned demo caught the attention of Emerica Skateboarding personnel, and was subsequently featured on the much-anticipated video "This is Skateboarding" (released in over 20 countries world wide). August of 03' would also prove to be a lucrative month, as Bleed the Sky were given the opportunity to complete a West Coast Tour with (hardcore legends) Integrity, and would return home to play a sold-out show, again at the Whisky, with My Ruin (Century Media).

All of this hard work did not go unnoticed, and was impressive enough to catch the attention of producer Ben Schigel (Chimaira, Integrity, Drowning Pool). From November-December, they worked with him at Spyder Studios in Strongsville, Ohio to create an EP. Shortly afterwards, in January 2004, their song "Killtank" was featured on a Concrete Planet compilation with Incubus, Deftones and Lost Prophets. "Killtank" proved to popular, as that, along with "Leverage" were featured on radio stations nationwide in February 2004. From the beginning of March to the middle of April, they embarked on yet another tour; this time, however, it would be a Coast-to-Coast Tour, and it was they who would be headlining. This tour would prove to be extremely successful, and, within three months of release, over 1,200 EP's were sold across the country.

With a clear vision of long-term goals uninhibited by public opinion, Bleed the Sky are claiming their place in the industry by expelling the initial interpretation of metal with an unprecedented audacity that instead creates a personal, and empathetic relationship with each listener. Combined with a drive to achieve and a dedication to consistency that is evaded by most, Bleed the Sky are well on their way to ravaging the status quo.